Welcome To My Ocean

I’ve always loved the ocean. I get it from my mom. She’s always loved going to the beach and collecting shells. When I was younger and lived at home I would thumb through binders of recipes and find magazine cutouts of crafts pertaining to driftwood and sea shells. Mom’s dream is to travel one day to Sanibel Island off the coast of Florida in January to collect sea shells that wash up on the beach from all over the world. Shells that were caught up in the ocean currents and deposited on the island. It’s a sea shell lovers dream.

Mom shared her love of the ocean with me and it stuck. When I was little mom and I used to watch a tv show on the Disney Channel that was about a marine scientist/biologist who was a single dad with two teenage kids. I can’t remember the name of the show but that show had a huge impact on my life. It was then, in 5th grade, that I decided that I wanted to become a marine biologist when I grew up. Did I do it? No I didn’t and I don’t have any regrets. It just wasn’t meant to be. But my love for the ocean has never changed.

So as I sat here trying to decide what to call my blog, I decided that it had to have something pertaining to the ocean for a couple of reasons. First is my love for the ocean and second is the content of this blog. While many bloggers choose to share about a particular subject like parenting or cooking, I want to blog about it all. My ocean of consumer reviews, recipes, photography, family, travel, books, music, religion, education, movies, you name it! I want to talk about it all.

So stay tuned! I have lots to share and I can’t wait to get started. Tonight was my first step into the bloggers ocean and I’m so excited to be here. Until next time…